Reflexology and Reiki combined add up to rest and relaxation. 

Need Some R&R?

Two of our most popular stress management, wellness promoting, soul soothing treatments – Reflexology and Reiki – are combined to create an incredible relaxation experience.  This 90 minute session brings together the hands-on foot treatment of Reflexology, plus the energy work treatment of Reiki to deliver unparalleled tranquility to the client.

Reiki is the Japanese form of energy work where the attuned Reiki Therapist uses gentle, static hand placements to targeted areas throughout the body.  Reiki is extraordinarily peaceful and soothing to the recipient; and can help improve many ailments, injuries and anxieties simply by producing calm in the client.  Reiki is now provided in many hospitals to help patients heal more quickly and effectively.

Reflexology is based on the idea that different pressure points in the feet and hands correspond directly to the organs and areas of the body. For example, in Reflexology it is thought that by applying pressure to the base of the little toe the ear is impacted.  Because most reflexology is done on the feet (and sometimes hands) it is a feel-good experience, in addition to working to tone all the body systems.


Both Reiki and Reflexology are done with the receiver fully clothed.  There may be some oil or lotion used in Reflexology, but none is used during Reiki.  When combining both modalities, recipients experience deep relaxation and release of stress.  After completing an R&R session last week, one client texted the next morning “I slept deeply the whole night thru for the first time in months. I don’t remember when I last felt this good.”

If you have too much stress in your life, if you have trouble sleeping well, if you deal with anxiety, if you just need a break; you need an R&R (Reiki & Reflexology) treatment.  Book one now at Island Massage Therapy in St. Petersburg, FL, your home for World-class Therapeutic Massage and Nourishing Facials.