As we head into another wave of covid infections in Florida, and move into the 18th month of the pandemic; rest assured we at Island Massage Therapy, are taking safety as seriously as ever.

As a reminder, here’s the current list of enhanced safety protocol we’re following:

✔️In accordance with CDC guidelines for health care facilities, masks are worn by everyone, at all times in our office. ✔️We are still limiting access to our office to clients only, and only at the time of appointment. ✔️We are still doing extra cleaning and using FDA approved disinfecting cleaners. ✔️We are still running MERV 13 filters in our HVAC system. ✔️We are still running large room air purifiers in every treatment room that filter the air with HEPA, Charcoal and UV turning over the air every 6 minutes 24/7. ✔️We are still sending screening questions with every appointment reminder. ✔️We are still social distancing clients while you’re in the office so you won’t be within 6 feet of any other client.

We will continue doing all these things to ensure your safety and ours as long as the pandemic lasts.