Every month, we offer something special at Island Massage Therapy.  Sometimes it’s a savings offer for a specific modality of massage or type of facial such as reflexology or warm bamboo massage or mini-facial.  Other times we offer special savings packages of multiple services, and some months one of our signature treatments is discounted.  Check back each month to see what’s new on special!

March 2020 – REIKI

REIKI – try this gentle alternative energy therapy.
Whether you’re an experienced reiki receiver or new to the practice; this gentle, hands-on form of energy work will help you relax and release what troubles you.  Reiki is more of a mental, emotional and spiritual modality, with very little physical manipulation. Read more here.
Reiki Massage 60 minute customized blend of reiki and massage, $79
Reiki Facial – 60 minute blissful facial with reiki interwoven, $79
Perfect for stress reduction, anxiety relief, pain management or if you want a gentler, energy focused session.
Offers expire 3/31/20