Every month, we offer something special at Island Massage Therapy.  Sometimes it’s a savings offer for a specific modality of massage or type of facial such as reflexology or warm bamboo massage or mini-facial.  Other times we offer special savings packages of multiple services, and some months one of our signature treatments is discounted.  Check back each month to see what’s new on special at Island Massage Therapy.



Reflexology & Reiki – blended into one amazing combination of relaxation and energywork.  In this 90 minute session, you’ll enjoy both a full reflexology session on the feet; plus a complete reiki treatment.  Blending the best techniques from both Eastern and Western energy healing; and R&R session will help you feel more balanced, less stressed and an overall feeling of improved well-being.  Just $95.

Offer expires 9/30/2019


Do you want to move with more ease? Do you want to feel better in your body?  Try a MOVEMENT THERAPY session with Evelyn.  This 60 minute session combines assisted and directed movements that will help loosen the joints, release the muscles and move more effectively in your daily life.  Perfect for people with chronic issues like tight shoulders, hiked hips, twisted spines and previous injuries that have never quite healed.  Done fully clothed and without oils/lotions; MOVEMENT THERAPY will help you live better in the body you have.

September Sunday Special Price: just $70

Offer expires 9/30/2019