We think of Reflexology as a soothing foot massage, and it is; but it offers so much more.  Reflexology uses applied pressure to the feet and hands with the idea of affecting change in the organs and structural systems of the body.

Much like the meridians used in Chinese Medicine, Reflexology uses the idea that the entire body is connected thru a series of energetic pathways. For example, according to Reflexology theory the shoulder is energetically connected to the ball of the little toe; so in a reflexology session a client presenting with shoulder pain will probably receive more attention on the ball of the little toe.

A typical Reflexology of 60 minutes gives the therapist enough time to thoroughly work the entire surface of the foot, focusing extra attention on areas of most concern.  It’s a massage modality done fully clothed, making it versatile and comfortable for nearly anyone.

Wondering what a Reflexology session will be like: https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/what-can-i-expect-first-reflexology-visit

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It isn’t unusual for clients to have breakthroughs after a Reflexology session; often long-term chronic conditions change with regular Reflexology.  It’s an especially popular treatment for anyone with peripheral neuropathy and people who aren’t comfortable lying down to receive standard massage.

That spot under the third toe corresponds to the lungs and is worked to help with breathing issues.

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