The change of seasons brings with it changes in our bodies.  The heat and humidity, longer hours of daylight, changes in schedules and additional outdoor activities bring new challenges to our physical bodies and our overall well-being.

Massage is the perfect tool to help you move into the summer season with ease.  Here are a few of the ways:

Keep Cool– The lymphatic system, lacking an internal pump, requires movement and manipulation to work well.  In the summer, with increased heat and humidity; the lymph system has to work extra hard clearning the body of waste so that we can stay cool and well hydrated.  Massage optimizes the work of the lymph system.

Move with Ease – Summer brings lots of different activities; swimming, boating, hiking – most people are more physically active in the summer.  It’s essential to prepare your body for extra activity; one way to help your joints support all the extra activity in your body is by moving the ligaments and manipulating the joints themselves to encourage flexiblity and flow of fluids to keep the joints at peak performance.  Massage also creates supple muscles and tendons allowing ease of movement.

Manage Stress – Many people find their schedules up-ended during the summer.  Kids are out of school, travel and vacations are popular, days are longer; and while all these things can be wonderful, they also add up stress to your systems.  Massage is the perfect stress management tool; by activiating your relaxation response, the body calms, the mind soothes, the breath deepens and you get all the healing benefits of deep relaxation.

Summer time is wonderful; but it also brings some new challenges.  Use massage to help you meet all those challenges of a new season with ease and joy.

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Suzanne Andrew – Owner of Island Massage Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and overall devotee of good health and vibrant wellness.  MM31363