It’s well known that regular massage helps relieve muscle pain, increase circulation and improve sports performance.  But recent studies show that massage can be an effective treatment for anxiety. With 18% of Americans experiencing clinical anxiety in any given year, and over 60% experiencing over a lifetime; we clearly need some new tools to help us all manage and mitigage the effects of anxiety.

Recent research has shown that five sessions of massage therapy was clinically effective in decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) (Rapaport et al. 2016)

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In our fast-paced – 24 hour news cycle – do more with less society; many of us struggle with anxiety.  Scheduling more frequent massages may be just what we need to feel better and perform at our best against the backdrop of modern life.

Regular massage can help you manage and mitigate the side effects of anxiety.  Book a massage today; and then commit to a regular massage schedule of 1-4 times per month to keep your body, mind and moods in good working order!