Island Massage Therapy

Treatment Staff Procedures – updates due to Coronovirus
May 26, 2020

To help us minimize exposure to Coronavirus, we will:
1. Aggressively screen to prevent anyone who has been exposed to Coronavirus or has the symptoms of Coronavirus from entering our office. Clients will be notified of screening questions in every appointment confirmation and reminder, plus be verbally questioned when arriving for every appointment.
2. Minimize the sharing of any possible virus particles in our office by requiring face mask or coverings be worn by everyone in the office at all times.
3. Quickly and thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces touched and all areas of potential virus expelled from bodies.

Our office will be open by appointment only. No one is allowed inside the office unless they are here for an appointment. No waiting is allowed inside; clients wait outside for the therapist to welcome them inside. Front door will remain locked at all times.

Masks or face coverings must be worn in the office at all times by all people. If clients find the mask uncomfortable during their session, you may use the pillowcase funnel while they are prone and a towel over the nose and mouth while supine.

Entering the Office
Everyone (clients and staff) must use hand sanitizer upon entering the office.

Everyone (clients and staff) must have a temperature check upon entering the office.
(wipe down the thermometer and door handle)

Everyone must undergo a verbal screening upon entering the office. The questions are:

1. Have you been exposed to anyone with, or suspected of having, Covid-19 in the last 14 days?
2. Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 72 hours?
Sore Throat
Shortness of Breath
New loss of smell or taste

Our goal of minimizing contact between people in our office means we’re trying to achieve an environment where clients only see the therapist while in the office, no one else.

Treatment Session Set Up
Tables will be unmade when you arrive for work. Make up the table with sheets only. Cover the headrest with a cover and a waterproof pillowcase set up as a funnel. Ensure the air purifier in your room is on. Set up the client table with hand sanitizer, tissues, a paper bag and a glass of water. The trash can needs to be next to the client table.

Treatment Session
As soon as the client passes the 3 step entrance check; to the treatment room and lightly close the door.

Perform your usual intake questions and instructions, with the addition of instructing the client that the face must remain covered during the session. If the client isn’t able to wear the mask, then use the pillowcase funnel. Instruct the client to remove the mask after you’ve left the room and store it in the paper bag on the client table. Client must use hand sanitizer again after undressing and before getting on the table.

You’ll wear your mask during the entire session, and at all times you’re in the office.

When turning the client to supine, the client either puts the mask on again or use a folded spa towel or washcloth to cover the nose and mouth. Tuck the towel around the nose to prevent unfiltered air from escaping.

When the treatment is complete, instruct the client to put the mask on first, then dress, then reapply hand sanitizer.

Client should crack the door and wait in the treatment room when dressed and ready to leave.

Therapist will step back into the room, with a device, to rebook the client and discuss any wrap-up information.

Appointments will be prepaid, so money will not need to be collected at this time. Determine how you’re going to accept tips. Ideas include a tip jar and a venmo/cashapp account.

Therapist will check the hall to make sure it’s empty, then escort the client down the hall and out the front door.

Post Session Clean Up
We are scheduling with a 30 minute break between appointments.

After the session ends, remove all the linen the client touched. Place it in the closed container next to the washing machine.

Use a disinfecting wipe or disinfecting cleaner to wipe down all surfaces client touched in the room including; massage table, face cradle, face cradle cushion, client chair, client table, door knobs, light switch, walls around the client chair.

After cleaning is complete and laundry is started, step into the staff room to change your facemask and shirt/apron, smock. Place the worn items in a plastic bag in a cubbie. Take all worn items home with you every day. Be sure to bring enough shirts and masks so you can wear a fresh one with each client you treat.

Dirty laundry must be handled with care. Leave dirty laundry in closed container until it is loaded into the washer. Hands must be washed as soon as you’re done touching the dirty laundry.

Clean Laundry is stored in a room of it’s own. No clean laundry is to be left in the kitchen for any amount of time unless it’s in the dryer.

Additional Equipment/Supply/Procedural Changes
Treatment rooms all have high powered Air Purifiers equipped with HEPA and UV.

Air ducts have been cleaned. Professional HEPA filters have been added to the AC system.

All soft surfaces in the client areas of the treatment rooms have been removed.

Blankets and robes are available on request. These are in the clean laundry room.

No soft therapeutic items to be used on clients unless the item can be laundered.

Place a fresh towel on the floor each session to rest used laundry and the face cradle on after removal.

Touch-less sink faucets have been added. Touch-less soap dispensers are on order.

Clients need to use hand sanitizer at least 3 times while in our office; on entering, before getting on the table, and after the session.

We’re trying to discourage use of our bathroom.

Water cooler is now in the kitchen and reserved for staff use only.

Ask clients to minimize talking, or at the very least, speak softly and slowly while in the office.

All staff needs to wipe down everything you touch in the office; including everything in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry areas, all door knobs, etc.

Clients are receiving email, text and phone call reminders with Covid 19 screening questions.

Administrative staff will be wiping down the common area touch points several times daily.

New table covers go on top of table warmers.

No pillows are to be used on the clients at this time; only vinyl covered bolsters, supports, etc. If you must use a pillow for client comfort, the cases need to be removed and the entire pillow laundered.

Between Sessions
No more than one person at a time can be in the kitchen, laundry room or staff room.

You may want to use time between clients to step outside to remove your mask and get some air. Please maintain 6 feet social distancing when on our deck area.

If you need to check the office phone for a client message, please wipe it down when you’re done.

Before Leaving
Take all your used shirts & masks with you when you leave.
Make sure the Air Purifier is left on with the UV feature left on.
Leave on floor fans.
Leave your table unmade with everything cleaned.
Wipe down everything you’ve touched thru the day.
Catch up the laundry. Try to not leave any dirty laundry when you leave.
Make sure the cabbie and towel warmer are turned OFF.



Covid-19 is a NOVEL virus only known to be present in humans since late 2019. That means new information is coming out all the time. There will be changes to our policies and practices as new information becomes available. Be prepared for it.

We all have to be able to count on everyone working in our office to uphold the above outlined standards and practices. Our health and success depends on everyone who works here meeting the same standards.

By signing this, I confirm that all the information in this document has been covered with me, and I’ve asked any necessary questions to ensure understanding. I will follow all the new Coronavirus specific guidelines, as well as continue to practice to the highest standards of our profession.