Maybe you’ve never had a facial; or maybe it has been a while since your last facial and you’re wondering why you need one? Perhaps, you’re wondering what will happen during that session?

Get a Facial

People generally choose to get facials for one of four reasons; to improve the look of their skin, to help slow down the signs of aging, to get expert skin care advice, or simply to relax and be pampered. The great news is that a facial from an experienced Esthetician will achieve all four goals at the same time! A licensed and trained Esthetician will be able to fully customize a facial session specifically for your needs today.

Here’s what to expect.  After greeting you, the Esthetician will take you to a private, relaxing room where they will do a complete intake discussion learning about your skin care history, current skin status, and future skin goals. You’ll be left alone to undress, and perhaps put on a spa wrap depending on the service you’re getting. Then you’ll make yourself comfortable on the table. Take your first moments of the session to relax; take a few deep breaths, enjoy the music and soften your muscles to get comfortable.

When the Esthetician returns to the room you’ll be able to ask any questions you’d like during the session. Perhaps you want to know more about the products being used on your skin, maybe you want to know what the Esthetician sees on your skin, or maybe you’d like to learn a bit more about home care after the session.  But, if you’d prefer to relax quietly during the facial, that’s fine, too.

Our skin, as the largest organ in the body, takes on all the stress of the world.  One of the most important ways to achieve better looking skin is to release stress; and there’s no better time to de-stress than during a facial. During the session; your skin will be cleansed once or twice, then exfoliated with a gentle scrub.  You’ll have a masque applied for deep cleansing and tightening. The Esthetician will apply a toner, a moisturizer and any finishing products such as serums or creams you need.  Throughout the session you’ll also be gently and warmly steamed; and gently massaged, if time allows.

After your soothing facial, the Esthetician will leave the room while you dress. Finally, you’ll wrap up the appointment with some advice on a skin care routine, suggestions for follow-up treatments,  and recommendations about new products that will help you meet your skin care goals. 

It’s important in our stress filled world to take care of ourselves; our whole selves. And taking care of our skin is an essential part of overall health & wellness.  Schedule a facial at least once a month to keep looking and feeling your best.