As the coronavirus pandemic soldiers on into Fall 2020, it remains unclear if the virus is spread via droplets or via aerosols.  Since the virus may be spread via aerosols, we’ve developed a suite of air protections to help keep the air safe for all of us in the Island Massage Therapy office.

Visualize Breath

  1. Limit people inside. Our office is open only to clients with appointments, and only during their appointment time.  No vendors, visitors or guests are allowed inside the office.
  2. Screen for symptoms. Everyone entering the office is screened in writing, then in person; plus given an in person temperature check upon entry.  People who’ve been exposed to the virus, or who’ve exhibited symptoms of the virus in the previous 72 hours are not allowed inside.
  3. Masks Mandatory. All noses and mouths are covered thoroughly at all times inside our office.
  4. Air Purifiers. We have a large room air purifier running in every treatment room 24 hours/day. Each purifier can clean 400 square feet of air, a treatment room is about 100 square feet; so the air is being turned over every few minutes. Our air purifiers treat the air with HEPA filters and UV sanitization.
  5. Air Filters. We’ve installed HEPA filters with MERV 13 ratings in our a AC system. These filters are changed out monthly, instead of the recommended quarterly.
  6. Fans. Treatment rooms have fans running at all times to help disperse any airborne virus.
  7. Topical sanitizing and disinfection. We use spray disinfectants between all clients.


We’re doing everything we can to ensure clean, virus – free air for all of us to breathe. We are dedicated to being the safest place you can visit outside your house. Thank you for helping us meet this goal!