Special Offers
Every month, we offer something special at Island Massage Therapy.  Sometimes it’s a savings offer for a specific modality of massage such as reflexology or warm bamboo massage or cupping.  Other times we offer special savings packages of multiple massages, and some months one of our signature therapeutic massages is discounted.  Check back each month to see what’s new on special at Island Massage Therapy.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are celebrating 2018 with a special on a CBD Massage. 

Back by popular demand; customize your CBD Massage:

Choose either a 60 or 90 Minute Massage
Choose either CBD Oil or CBD Cream from our shelf
Enjoy a therapeutically relaxing & pain relieving massage with CBD Oil or Cream
Take home the extra CBD Oil or Cream for your use later

60 Minute Special CBD Oil/Cream Massage -$94
90 Minute Special CBD Oil/Cream Massage -$119

CBD Oil is reported to have many therapeutic uses including treating anxiety, nausea, mood disorders and inflammation; plus it has been scientifically proven to reduce and relieve pain.

Get this special massage during the month of January ONLY.
Offer expires 1/31/18.