Reviews and previews of what you can expect from your massage at Island Massage Therapy.  Please keep the feedback coming; it’s how we know what’s working….and what isn’t.
Just wanted to let you know how terrific my session was last week….obviously just what I needed! I feel very much more in ‘sync’….more energy, more enthusiasm. I am sleeping thru the night and all in all feel great. Compared to how I felt when I came in, I am terrific! I am very grateful and wanted to let you know how valuable your services are!  Review from -D.P-

Island Massage is the first thing I schedule each time I come to town; I haven’t been able to find any massage nearly as good up north.  Review from C.S.-

That massage from Island Massage was one of the best massages I’ve had anywhere, ever; and I get a lot of massages. Review from J.K.-

I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly massages. They keep my body working, they fix what hurts, they keep me relaxed and focused; I literally would not be able to function nearly as well in my day-to-day life without my massages. Review from C.C. –

Massage is just what my wife and I do to take care of ourselves.  It makes every area of our lives better; our bodies feel better, we’re more relaxed and peaceful, we breath deeper and sleep better since we’ve started getting massages every few weeks. –  Review from B.T. –