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World-class Therapeutic Massage on the Island

At Island Massage Therapy, all we do is massage.  We specialize in providing therapeutic massage therapy solutions for pain relief, injury support, stress management, and health & wellness optimization.  Our only business is massage, and we strive to do it extremely well!


We have 9 Licensed Massage Therapists on staff, each with different specialties. (see the Services Page for more information) Our Therapists average nearly 9 years of massage experience; and are all throughly trained in working with all populations, helping the entire spectrum of injuries and illnesses, and customizing each session to be exactly what you need right now.


At Island Massage Therapy, we do 60, 90 and 120 minute therapeutic massage sessions.  During that time, you will have our undivided attention.  We will work with you to determine exactly what you need from each massage session, and develop an ongoing plan for optimizing your health and wellness with the use of massage.


Massage Therapy should be seen as part of every person’s health and wellness care routine.  We always recommend a minimum of one massage per month just to keep your muscles, joints, nervous & cardiovascular systems in good working order.  If you have a chronic illness or issue; more regular routine massage may be what you need.  And if you have a current injury, you might benefit from massage every few days until your body has stabilized enough to return to a routine weekly or monthly massage schedule.


We warmly welcome all people.  No matter what your illnesses, injuries or issues are; we’re here to help you live your best life!








Special Offers
Every month, we offer something special at Island Massage Therapy.  Sometimes it’s a savings offer for a specific modality of massage such as reflexology or warm stone massage or cupping.  Other times we offer special savings packages of multiple massages, and some months one of our signature therapeutic massages is discounted.  Check back each month to see what’s new on special at Island Massage.
In December, 90 Minute Massages are just $88
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Gift Certificates for Massage

Massage Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion:

  • Birthdays
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  • Congratulations


Our Gift Certificates are available in any dollar amount, or for any specific service. Purchase your gift certificate online HERE or at our office.  Gift Certificates are available 24 hours a day online, or from the box beside our front door.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: IslandMassageTherapy@gmail.com or 727-864-6688.

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Our therapists’ schedules are available on our website 24/7.
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Located in Downtown Tierra Verde

Island Massage Therapy

1110 Pinellas Bayway South, #210
Tierra Verde, FL 33715

Reviews and previews of what you can expect from your massage at Island Massage Therapy.  Please keep the feedback coming; it’s how we know what’s working….and what isn’t.
Just wanted to let you know how terrific my session was last week….obviously just what I needed! I feel very much more in ‘sync’….more energy, more enthusiasm. I am sleeping thru the night and all in all feel great. Compared to how I felt when I came in, I am terrific! I am very grateful and wanted to let you know how valuable your services are!  Review from -D.P-

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Island Massage is the first thing I schedule each time I come to town; I haven’t been able to find any massage nearly as good up north.  Review from C.S.-

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That massage was one of the best massages I’ve had anywhere, ever; and I get a lot of massage.  Review from J.K.-

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I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly massages. They keep my body working, they fix what hurts, they keep me relaxed and focused; I literally would not be able to function nearly as well in my day-to-day life without my massages. Review from C.C. –

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Massage is just what my wife and I do to take care of ourselves.  It makes every area of our lives better; our bodies feel better, we’re more relaxed and peaceful, we breath deeper and sleep better since we’ve started getting massages every few weeks. –  Review from B.T. –

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Island Massage Therapy Services





60 minutes $74
90 minutes $99
120 minutes $129
Series of 3 (60 min.) $192
Series of 3 (90 mins.) $267
Series of 3 (120 mins.) $345

All massage services you receive at Island Massage Therapy will include deep tissue therapeutics and customized targeted bodywork, plus just the right amount of relaxation. Each of our Professional Licensed Massage Therapists has his or her own areas of specialization. Talk with your therapist about how to best customize your massage session for your specific needs today.

On staff, we have therapists who offer:

Deep Tissue3
Deep Tissue Massage

Focused on manipulating and breaking up adhesions in the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to relieve chronic pain and stuck places in the body.  A deep tissue session will be customized to your specific needs and pressure preference. Every LMT at Island Massage offers Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Neuromuscular Massage

NMT is static pressure is applied to specific points and areas in the body with the goal of holding the massage pressure long enough for the body to naturally release tension in the area.  Book with Evelyn, Lisa, Alegra, Britt or Adrianna and request Neuromuscular Massage.

Trigger Point3
Trigger Point Therapy

Using the static pressure of Neuromuscular Massage, but focusing on trigger points, or points of accumulated pain & tension.  Trigger Point Therapy uses the theory of releasing & relaxing trigger points in order to reduce and resolve chronic pain or pain patterns.Schedule with Lisa, Alegra, Britt, Adrianna or Patty and request a Trigger Point Treatment.

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage combines assisted yoga stretching with massage and energy work. Thai Yoga Massage is done fully clothed; your body is moved into a variety of yoga postures and gently stretched and pressed to open up the muscles, fascia and connective tissues. Thai Yoga Massage generally leaves clients feeling both energized and relaxed. Suzanne and Alegra are certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapists.

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurvedic services available include: abyangha, garshana, dosha balacing bodywork and marma point therapy.  We use a variety of oils, herbs and massage sequences customized to your dosha and unique needs each time.  This bodywork is most helpful if you already know your dosha, or ayurvedic physical/mental characteristic; or have been referred by an Ayurvedic Practioner. Book with Suzanne and request an Ayurvedic Massage (follow-up discussion regarding dosha and prior ayurvedic experience will be required)


Reiki is a gentle hands-on form of energy work.  Working on the energetic body and surrounding energy centers; a reiki treatment is deeply soothing and profoundly restorative.  This treatment is done fully clothed.  This is the perfect treatment for people can’t tolerate standard massage, or anyone undergoing a period of extreme stress or anxiety. Schedule with Suzanne or Evelyn for a Reiki session.

Prenatal Massage

We focus  on the specific areas of the body moms-to-be need soothed. Areas of emphasis include relaxing the back, encouraging improved circulation and helping decrease swelling.  We can adapt your body positioning and cushioning so you can be comfortable receiving this massage all the way up to your delivery date. Book your Prenatal Massage with Alegra, Lisa, Britt, Adrianna, Patty or Suzanne.

Sports Massage

Each session is customized for your specific sport and your unique athletic needs.  Sports massage is designed to help both with pre-event preparation and post-event recovery.Book with Alegra, Lisa, Britt, Adrianna or Patty and request a Sports Massage.

Swedish & Relaxation Massage

This is the massage that comes to mind when we think of the word ‘massage’.  Calming, soothing, with more attention to the specific areas of your body that need attention; a good Swedish or Relaxation massage melts away your worries, cares, stress and tension. Every LMT at IMT is skilled at Swedish & Relaxation Massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

Since the lymph system doesn’t have a pump, like the cardiovascular system has the heart, sometimes lymph fluid can stagnate and collect in certain parts of the body.  Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle protocol to help circulate lymph thru the body; helping the immune system re-engage and helping the elimination systems work properly. Schedule with Suzanne, Alegra or Britt for a Lymphatic Drainage session.

Active Isolated Stretching
Active Isolated Stretching is a dynamic form of muscle lengthening and fascia release; help undo imbalances in your posture, movement or activities with this active type of bodywork. Book your AIS session with Evelyn, Alegra, Britt or Patty.
Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Smooth, warmed bamboo tools are used to gently, yet deeply massage all layers of muscles, fascia and connective tissue.  Because the bamboo is warmed, the body tends to relax more quickly and release pain & tension more easily. Schedule your massage with Nathalie or Lisa for warm Bamboo Fusion.

Island Massage Online

Island Massage Therapy is your home for superior therapeutic massage in Tierra Verde, Florida.  At Island Massage Therapy, our sole focus is providing world-class therapeutic massage services.  

We specialize in therapeutic massage solutions for: pain & injury relief, stress management, living better with chronic conditions, health maintenance, enhancing your fitness routine, and relaxation.

Serving the areas of St. Pete Beach, Isla del Sol, Pass-A-Grille, Maximo, Pinellas Point and Tierra Verde, Florida for over 23 years!


  • Open 7 Days per week – including weekday evenings
  • House calls/ Out calls available
  • Chair Massage for your business or event available
  • 9 Professional Licensed Massage Therapists on staff
  • Monthly massage specials
  • Discounts available on 3 packs
  • Schedule online, anytime
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
Series of 3 (60 min.)
Series of 3 (90 mins.)
Series of 3 (120 mins.)
Warm Stone Massage